See the blazing you'll be sorry... (darsynia) wrote in hh_thehall,
See the blazing you'll be sorry...

Master Fic Rec List Needs YOU!

Sorry if/when people get spammed on their friends lists about this by me, but the subject was proposed that it would be nice if we had a solid rec list for HP fics sorted by 'ship. dreaminoflorien took up the cause and the links are:

Idea is simple. Read through the comments, each story gets its own comment. Once five people agree on the recommendation, the comments are frozen and the story goes on the list. I know it seems daunting to read through everything, but there are some GREAT fics that need more votes (and some great ones that I personally like a lot have gotten the requisite 5, which pleases me in more ways than one--I won't look dumb when I rec it now that I know it's already up there!), and once I make it through the list, I intend on adding some recs of my own.

Basically, this is in everyone's best interest, so I urge you all to head on over and make your likes heard!
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